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Assigning Multiple Sections to a Single Group


There is currently a bug preventing this feature from working properly. If you need to assign multiple groups use "Assigning a Section to the Approving Group of a Prior Section" below.

Assigning multiple sections can be achieved by concatenating additional section ids separated by the pipe character.  Example:

Code Block
<select name="formcycle-assign-to-group-Initial_Approval|Final_Approval" class="required"></select>

When assigning multiple sections when the candidate groups set on the permissions screen don't, the options available to the user will be the union of all the sections.  So if the first section's groups are "Faculty Affairs" and "Student Affairs" but the second section's are "Student Affairs" and "Graduate Affairs," the user would be presented with all three options ("Faculty Affairs," "Student Affairs, "and "Graduate Affairs").  Group assignment overrides candidate groups defined in permissions.  In this example if the submitter chose "Faculty Affairs" that group would be assigned both sections, even though "Faculty Affairs" wasn't a candidate group in the second section.

Assigning a Section to the Approving Group of a Prior Section